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Agitator Propeller Repair

The Issue


One of the biggest issues agitator propellers face is the harsh, abrasive environment within the agitator module. If you look at the upper left image below, you will notice the destructive effects that environment has on agitator propellers.

The Solution


To restore the propellers to their original shape and specifications, we weld repair the props with 308 stainless wire, give them an abrasive sandblast, and then coat them with Chesterton BX2. BX2 is an advanced, contractor grade, ceramic reinforced composite for repair and protection of metal surfaces. The high concentration of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and titanium oxide beads provide protection from chemical attack and erosion in extremely abrasive environments. BX2's tough resin structures resist thermal-mechanical shock.

The Result


The result is an increased lifespan and a reduced maintenance cost. In this particular instance, after six months, the customer is extremely happy with the increased service life and resulting lowered maintenance costs and is continuing a program to coat all props with Chesterton BX2.

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