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Blower Repair

Blowers are sensitive pieces of equipment, which is why plants don't just send them to anybody. You need to know that whoever is doing your blower repair or rebuild is experienced and qualified to do the job right. That is why many plants are turning to Brimhall Industrial for their blower repair needs.


Brimhall Industrial understands the importance of precision and careful assembly when repairing centrifugal and positive displacement blowers. Our years of successful experience in rebuilding Gardner-Denver, Hoffman, Sutorbilt and blowers of other manufactures gives us the edge you need to get your blower repaired and save it from the scrap yard. When others might try to sell you new expensive impellers, Brimhall Industrial will find a way to repair your impellers and help you save your budget for other important projects. When we are done we will even test your blower for satisfactory operation and make sure there is no contact anywhere.

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