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Marley Series 32.2 & 34.3 Geareducers

The Issue


In this particular case, our client had three gearboxes that were at the end of their service cycle. They needed a quick turnaround on them due to the hot weather.  Upon inspecting the gearboxes, we found the following:

  • Spiral bevel gear sets were damaged along with associated hardware

  • Low speed helical gears were damaged

  • All bearings were worn, damaged and in need or replacement

  • All polymeric parts were worn and in need of replacement

  • Some housing bearing fits were worn oversize and in need of repair

The Solution


To repair the gearbox, the entire case, gears and shaft were all solvent-cleaned to remove all traces of oil and debris. The shafts were then reconditioned, deburred and polished. The bearing houses were then refitted and sleeved as needed to restore the proper clearances.


In the next process, the gearboxes were re-assembled using new bearings,seals, shims, gaskets and gears as needed. The backlash and bearing pre-load was then set according to OEM specifications. The gearboxes were then detailed and painted.

The Result


With the gearboxes being restored to like-new condition, they were delivered to the client, who was extremely happy with both the quality and the turn-around time of the repairs.

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