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Harvard Filtration

At Harvard, the goal is to extend the life of equipment, lubricants, coolants and oil, which can eliminate millions of gallons of hazardous liquid chemicals from the waste stream, creating a cleaner present and future for all of us.

The commitment to quality and service has always been a priority and remains unmatched in the industry.


Harvard Corporation develops, designs, manufactures and sells partial-flow filtration systems and filters that remove water and dirt from oil to produce the cleanliness level you require for applications from aerospace to mining. You can reduce maintenance costs and the amount of liquid waste that is generated, while helping the environment by using our simple-to-operate, portable and stationary filtration systems.

Contaminants from 1 to 40 microns in size are common even in full-flow, filtered lubricants and coolants. Larger contaminants nest into areas around bearings, rings, pumps, etc. and damage component surfaces. Smaller contaminants, that cannot be removed by full-flow filters, wear the apparatus by a process called silting.


For many years, partial-flow filtration has been used to supplement full-flow filters to remove larger contaminants and control silting. Harvard Corporation did not invent partial-flow filtration, but we significantly improved it. Our patented, nonchanneling seals improve partial-flow filtration by forcing oil through a wound, fiber-filter media so fluids can not bypass the partial-flow filter.Harvard Filter Carts & Filters.


Independent studies conducted by the Center for Hazardous Materials Research at the University of Pittsburgh demonstrated the effectiveness of Harvard Corporation nonchanneling, partial-flow filter. The filter removes virtually all remaining 1 to 40 micron contaminants while also removing the vast majority of silting particles. In addition, the filter absorbs water, antifreeze and other extraneous particles.


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