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Impeller Repair

The Issue


Many times when working with centrifugal pumps, especially older models, they use impellers that are not readily replaceable and it is often not cost-effective to cast new impellers. In these scenarios, Brimhall Industrial can repair your impellers, saving you both time and money.

The Solution


Brimhall Industrial has the expertise to weld repair many ferrous and non-ferrous cast centrifugal pump impellers. We can offer the following services:


  • Weld repair and build up suction and discharge vane repair and profiling.

  • Cavitation repair

  • Trim diameter extension

  • Wear ring replacement

  • Bore repair

  • Keyway repair and/or broaching

  • Dynamic balancing


The Result


Repairing impellers, where possible, is much less expensive than casting new impellers. With no need to make patterns or wait for foundry lead times, schedules are shortened, decreasing downtime. With our team of expert welders and machinists, repaired impellers are restored to like-new condition with no degradation in performance.

Contact us to see how we can solve your problems and save you money!
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