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Your Partner for Precision Pump Repair & Reliability

Brimhall Industrial understands that uptime, performance and reliability are critical criteria for the pumps in your plant. With so much at stake, a pump repair or pump rebuild must be performed by someone you can trust to do it right - every time. At Brimhall Industrial, we worry about your pumps so you don't have to.


The first thing a person should know about our pump repairs is that we don't just repair your pump; we precision remanufacture it. Here is how we do it:



  • We have been rebuilding pumps for industrial customers for over 20 years

  • We have done everything from basic centrifugal pump repair to sophisticated boiler feed pump rebuilds

  • Flowserve, Goulds, Byron Jackson, Pacific, Peerless, Bingham, Worthington and many others


Quality Control


  • Automatically generated CAD drawings from our 3D models

  • Job travelers with in-process inspection points

  • Rigorous documentation

3D Solid Modeling


  • We identify problem areas and solutions before the pump ever reaches the shop floor

  • Getting it right the first time means lower costs, improved performance and shorter schedules

  • Pump reliability can be assured when it has been designed into the repair

Skilled Workforce


  • Experienced with stainless steels and high alloys

  • Superior surface finishes

  • Close tolerances

  • Careful assembly

Premium Pump Sealing & Pump Reliability
  • A. W. Chesterton mechanical seals, packing, ceramic coatings, gasketing, and lubricants

  • Inpro Non-Contacting Bearing Isolators for repairs and retrofits

Material & Workmanship Warranty


  • We use only the best materials and require material certs

  • We warranty our materials and workmanship 100%

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