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Gearbox Repair for a Fraction of the Cost of a New One

Gearboxes are at the heart of many industrial machines, such as agitators, fin-fan heat exchangers, cooling tower fans, and many others. As such, a gearbox repair or gearbox rebuild must be performed by a partner you can trust. Brimhall Industrial has the experience to help solve your gearbox problems and get you back up and running. We have rebuilt many of the leading brands of gearboxes for industrial equipment, such as Amarillo, Chemineer, and Marley.


During a gearbox repair there are several components that must be replaced due to service wear. These components are:



The most common sealing element for gearboxes is the elastomer seal or lip seal. Over time, this seal will wear the shaft counterface, creating deep grooves that prevent sealing. When this occurs, simply replacing the seal will not stop the leak; the shaft must be repaired or replaced. Brimhall Industrial has several solutions to solve your gearbox sealing problems. We can offer:


  • Shaft replacement with a new shaft machined by our own skilled, in-house machinists

  • Shaft repair to restore the seal counterface

  • A. W. Chesterton PTFE Shaft Seals for improved performance

  • Inpro Non-Contacting Bearing Isolators to eliminate seal wear forever and protect your bearings




Bearing damage or failures are common due to dirty oil and the high loads experienced in a gearbox. Bearing problems can lead to damage to other components, such as shaft and housing bearing seats. Brimhall Industrial can correct this damage during a gearbox rebuild and offer solutions to prevent future failures by:


  • Repairing damaged bearing seats

  • Replacing bearings with new SKF or Timken bearings or the bearings of your choice

  • Installing Inpro Non-Contacting Bearing Isolators or A. W. Chesterton PTFE Shaft Seals to prevent contamination and extend bearing life



Gears wear during service and are often broken when bearings fail or overloads are encountered. Brimhall Industrial can repair your damaged gearing by:


  • Replacing broken gears with new ones

  • Repairing damaged gears where possible

  • Properly setting the backlash


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